Offering great link building strategies for SEO

ST LOUIS, MO (SitemapIndex) Sitemap Index is owned by a media company, WebTech Group, that offers Sitemap Index an excellent opportunity to build links for SEO purposes.

Why do SEO experts build links?

The internet is commonly referred to as “the web.”  A spider web is connected at all points.  Search engines and bots travel the web through links to find the sites that are online.

Google created the world’s largest network, which has helped to index all websites.  Today, search engines like Google and Bing offer webmasters access to their systems to help index websites so the search engine can show the sites in search results.

The sites offered by WebTech Group for link building strategies are as follows:

  1. FeedPublish
  2. MO.Properties
  3. STL.News
  4. St. Louis Restaurant Directory

FeedPublish offers guest posts, aggregates RSS feeds for bloggers, and a business directory.  Links from three options.

MO.Properties is an MLS real estate site that aggregates feeds from the largest MLS providers in the state of Missouri.  It’s a great place for Missouri-based realtors to get listed in the directory, publish guest posts or press releases, and more.

STL.News offers guest posts and a business directory listing.

St. Louis Restaurant Directory offers a great directory for St. Louis based restaurants.  Certain restrictions apply.