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SitemapIndex.com is owned by WebTech Group. WebTech Group is a digital marketing agency that offers a multitude of online digital marketing products and services, including:

Objective of SitemapIndex.com

Our objective is to create an easy to use solution to help websites properly index their web pages by linking to each page on their website.

Yes, the quality of links are critically important, therefore, we will continue to enhance the ratings of SitemapIndex.com to assure that our links are quality links by increasing our inbound links.

Links are good! It helps the search engines determine the relevance of a website. Without links the major search engines will determine that a website has little value to community.

While SitemapIndex.com is a simple site, not particularly an attractive website, it is lite, easy for the search engines bots to crawl and most importantly, properly indexed for maximum online visibility.

WebTech Group will use this site to create links for the website that we host, design and maintain to help their relevance.

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If you have questions or would like to purchase links from SitemapIndex.com, please email info@STLMedia.Agency.